The place we all gather. Where families and strangers bond, where bride and groom’s have toasted to their futures. Where bellowing laughter echoed through the countryside and joyful memories of birthday parties of all ages were created. A place where business meetings have been held and hard conversations have been had. Where dreams have been formulated and put into action. Where two hearts fell in love. It’s been adorn with flowers, candles, food, decorations and the morning after messes.

Once Our Beautiful Old Growth Tree

“The Watcher Of The Woods” stood tall and proud at the top of our hill then sadly fell during a storm to the forest beds below. It saddened us greatly to lose such a gift. However there is beauty and gifts that come with loss. Although no longer standing, the watcher of the woods continues to give us beautiful blessings. Milled up and turned into beautiful raised gardens beds that feeds our family and community and our beloved farm table that feeds our souls.

Once so rooted and grounded into the earth you now continue to provide us with physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation, liberation, union and abundance.

Thank you for your fallen fortune of good luck, growth and new life. You have blessed us and everyone that has had the honor to celebrate with you.

Keeping us all grounded. Your legend will forever live on!

The true roots of the farm. “The Watcher Of The Woods.”